8 feet air door

Correct Door's air curtains allow you to save energy by separating the external and internal environments in several applications of buildings, fast food restaurants or customer service places. They are reliable and easy to install and provide a more aesthetic appearance. Curtains of 8 feet are suitable for applications of low clearance.

8 feet / E-Zone

10 to 14 feet air doors

10 to 14 feet air curtains are ideal for applications of medium clearance in buildings, restaurants or service entrances. They create an efficient and reliable protection and offer high performance at affordable prices. Air curtains are easy to install and have many options to meet your needs.

10 feet / Star

12 feet / VSA

14 feet / VSB

16 to 30 feet air doors

Correct Door's 16 to 30 feet air curtains provide effective control of environments in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. They provide reliable and silent operation while having a robust and safe system. Air curtains are suitable for high-clearance openings.

16 feet / FS

16 feet / CFA-CFX

20 feet / CFC-CFY

30 feet / EWD

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