Correct Door offers you AirGard impact doors to ensure safe and reliable control of your openings. The doors are easy to install and efficient in high traffic applications. They are a cost effective way to conserve energy while adapting to your opening sizes.

AirGard 100

AirGard 200

AirGard 300

AirGard 973

AirGard Uni-Flex 240

AirGard HS

AirGard EconoClear


Chase impact doors, offered by Correct Door, are affordable, easy to maintain and easy to install. They provide a sustainable and efficient control of productivity in demanding applications while providing a more aesthetic appearance.

Chase SD 2000

Chase SST 2000

Chase SC 3000

Chase NW 3011

Chase ABS 5000

Chase SRP 5000

Chase XLP 5000

Chase Cafe SRP

Chase Cafe In-Jamb

Chase Corrections Corrosion


Durulite impact doors offer sound, environmental and visual barrier in many applications and markets. They provide a fast, efficient and safe operation and are a cost effective way to ensure your doors openings.

Durulite Standard

Durulite Industrial

Durulite Retailer

Durulite Retailer XHD

Durulite Retailer R25

Durulite Postal-Security 200

Durulite XLD360 Evolution


The EcoSwing impact door is made of recycled, solid and durable materials. Its safe and efficient operation allows you to ensure your openings in many applications.

Ecoswing Post-Consumer Recycled


Proline impact doors by Correct Door are strong and durable and provide visual, aural and thermal separation in several demanding applications. Proline doors are reliable and light and adapt to different sizes of openings.

Proline 300i & 400i

Proline 300s & 400s

Proline 350i & 350s

Proline 600-SEC


Correct Door offers you a wide range of accessories for impact doors to secure your openings.

Protection bollards

Flush Hollow Metal Frames

Structural Steel Frames

C-Channel Frames

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