AirGard 300 Flexible Door

Flexible doors are a cost-effective way to provide a swing door in openings for heavy traffic applications. Our top mounted gravity-operated hinge system allows the door to open fully and close automatically, allowing easy access and conserving energy. These doors are easy to install and virtually maintenance free.


Forest Green


Door Panel

Inherently strong and abrasion-resistant, these doors are constructed of two-ply “belting” material. Layers are bonded together without the use of rivets or stitching, eliminating the possibility of contamination. Each door panel includes two rows of flexible horizontal stays. Suitable for low temperature applications to –30°F. Approximate weight is 3-1/2 PSF.


For a positive seal, balloon jamb edge seals and top and bottom wipers are provided. The top and bottom wipers consist of two ply vinyl coated nylon for a positive seal.

Leading Edge

3” overlap at the center on bi-parting doors provides a noise and temperature barrier.

Jamb Edge

2” balloons are provided on the jamb edge for a superior seal that saves energy.

Impact Plates

48” high USDA accepted textured vinyl impact plates on both sides of the door panel are used to increase the strength and durability of the door panel.


Various window configurations are available, type 50 (center in each panel)is standard.

Top Mounted Gravity Hinge

Standard with the Chase top-mounted gravity hinging system that opens instantly upon contact, then closes automatically by gravity.

AirGard 300 NF

The same construction as AirGard Model 300, but does not include flexible horizontal stays, wiper seals (top or bottom) or balloon seal on the jamb edge. Approximate weight is 3-1/2 PSF.

  • Supermarket
  • Industrial
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Cold Storage
  • Warehouse Distribution
  • Windows
  • Impact Plate
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