Correct Door offers you the CHI rolling steel doors, an ideal choice for garage openings of different sizes. They are made from recycled, resistant and sustainable materials that ensure safe and efficient operation at all times.

CHI 6000

CHI 6200


The Correct Door counter shutter ensures an effective and safe control while providing a clean and aesthetic appearance. Its many options and accessories make it an ideal, easy and convenient choice.

CHI 6500


The rolling fire doors, offered by Correct Door, offer an effective protection against fires in several applications. They are quick to install and their many different options and features help to ensure a reliable, safe and simple operation.

CHI 7000

CHI 7500


Correct Door grilles offer a fast and safe operation in a wide range of different applications. They are flexible and easy to install and adapt to the architecture of your surroundings. The many design options of these doors make them an optimal solution for your openings.

CHI 9100

CHI 9200

CHI 9300

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