CHI 7500 Fire Door

U.L. labeled fire shutter roll up door is engineered for installation to approved sheet rock, steel, and masonry construction. The Series 7500 Guardian™ fire counter shutter roll up door utilizes space-saving design with performance-proven engineering features for maximum eye appeal and fire protection.

  • 45-minute, 90-minute and 3-hour U.L. labels with full compliance to NFPA-80 standards
  • Standard roll up door curtain features 1-1/2” pre-painted, hot-dipped galvanized steel slats
  • Optional stainless steel curtain and guides available in a #4 brushed finish
  • Shop painted guides in a medium black match well with many optional powder-coat finishes
  • Operation: Manual push up operation is standard. Gear reduced awning crank operation is optional.
  • Options and accessories available

Fire Door curtain

Slat profile


Flat Slat (FS) cover 1-1/2” high by 1/2” deep


22 gauge steel


  • Steel curtain slats and hood hot-dipped galvanized per ASTM A-653 with baked on epoxy primer & polyester finish coat in gray and white.
  • Optional: Stock RAL powder-coat option in 188 colors

Bottom bar

  • Fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel angle bolted to the curtain (optional)
Mounting Options

Fire Door mounting options

  • Face Mount (E or Z) or Jamb Mount
  • Between Jamb Mount


Box shaped guides fabricated from 11 gauge steel or #4 polished stainless steel with integral bell mouths and curtain stops.


  • Fabricated from minimum 1/4” steel plate.
  • Drive side of barrel to be provided with precision sealed ball bearing in cast iron housing.

Fire Door operation

  • Manual Push-up
  • Reduced Drive Awning Crank available for all sizes.


Spring (tension) end of barrel assembly fabricated with self-aligning ball bearing assembly to support barrel assembly.


Fire Door releases

  • 165-degree fusible links provided as standard detection/release devices (standard)
  • Fail-safe time delayed releases, smoke detectors and audible and visual warning systems (optional)
  • Drop speed is controlled by viscous governor
  • Closing speed to be between 6” to 24” per second per NFPA 80
Optional Acc.


CHI hood
Fabricated from minimum 24-gauge galvanized steel sheet shaped to fit within the headplates.

Intermediate hood support(s) furnished as required.


CHI slide lock
Manual push-up doors furnished with interior slide bolt locks with padlock provision standard.

Fire safety standards

To learn more about fire safety standards, please click here.

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