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There are only two companies that impress me the most with their professionalism, the quality of service, and the product they sell. Correct door is one of the two companies. They actually called me 4 months after to come back and replace a piece that was barely dented, which they noticed and I must say it was so small I could not find the dot. There are companies that do a good job, and then there is this company that is well worth me visiting this page for writing a review after several months of the job well done. Sierra, Scott, and Josh, the people I dealt with, are fantastic, knowledgeable, and trust-worthy. I can’t say I will be back with my business as their work is solid and I don’t see my garage door is having issue now. But if I move, I will call them. Like I said, call them, they will get the job done, and you will not regret!

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