High Performance Doors Steel Ranger Series

The Steel Ranger 9000 L High Performance Rolling Steel Doors are the perfect replacement for old fashioned rolling doors in applications where the doors are cycled several times per hour. They are available in a wide range of paint colors, which makes it easy to coordinate several products into one building design.

9000 L/LH Model Characterisics


  • Extremely strong and durable, our exclusive insulated Decotherm®  steel panel slats (standard color RAL 9006) are constructed of a polyurethane core, covered with a triple layered skin that consists of: a galvanized layer, and over that, a sheet steel layer, then another galvanized layer, and finally the surface finish.  This special layering process makes the panel especially resistant to damage caused by transportation, installation and operation.  Minimal thermal bridges which connect the slats, and use of a fine-pore rigid foam infill, ensure excellent thermal insulation.  The panel sealing technology incorporated around the entire door reduces air and noise infiltration and includes a frost-proof bottom edge.
  • A standard, built-in light grid is integral within the low-profile guide tracks and protects personnel and goods from contact with the door.  Light beams shine across the opening, and if a beam is interrupted, the door is automatically reversed.  In addition to protecting people and goods, this system reduces the likelihood of damage to the door which saves on maintenance costs and downtime.
  • A direct-drive, springless design enables us to include an exciting warranty, ensuring dependable, maintenance-free operation that progressive companies desire.  Competitive models have springs with a 20,000 cycle capability as standard, and higher cycle springs are optional add-ons.  Our unbeatable 5 & 2 warranty is: Five years on the motor / gearbox (excluding catch system) and two years on other mechanical and electrical components. Includes 100,000 cycle warranty on track funnel.  Labor is warranted for 1 year.
9000 L/LH Model Specifications


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