Transclair Strip Doors

The Transclair Strip Door is composed of independant, flexible and transparent PVC straps.  It deviates laterally and horizontally to pedestrians and gear flowing in both directions. It meets the USDA federal standards when PVC is in contact with meat or dairy products; CPAI-84 for ultra-violet rays and the California Fire Marshal’s requirements of fire resistance (standard PVC and welding products only).

It is resistant to acids, bases and inorganic salts. However, it can be damaged by ketones and ethers. In specific applications, it is recommended to perform tests with PVC to know its effects. The Transclair strip door also has the property of reducing sound transmission. It is part of any good strategic business plan in terms of energy savings as it retains the temperature transmission of refrigerated rooms and is a barrier to wind, rain, snow, cold and heat from the outside.

Mounting systems are available for all strip doors, regardless of the product and the width of selected PVC straps. As of the recommended overlap, it always helps to maximize desired effects by installing a Transclair Strip Door.

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