Conversion Kit for Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Conversion Kit

This is a full feature conversion that provides hydraulic operation of both the deck and lip. Easily adapts to all manufacturers pit style dock levelers. Kit includes power pack, motor starter, hydraulic cylinders, mounting plates, hoses and fittings and installation manual.

Reliability: The normal locking and unlocking of all mechanical hold down system on a mechanical dock levelers produces wear on components that eventually causes down time for repairs.

Lower Lifetime Operating Cost: Maintenance requirements and total lifetime operating costs are significant lower for hydraulic dock levelers compared to mechanical dock levelers.

Safety: Wall mounted push button operation of hydraulic units provide easier operator control and a higher degree of safety for the dock attendants, possibly preventing a costly workers compensation claim from the attendant bending over to operate the mechanical dock leveler.

Low Noise Level: Smooth, quiet operation at the touch of a button contributes to a more pleasant work environment.

Toe Guard Kit

Full range toe guards are required under OSHA safety standards for all conversions, from Mechanical to Hydraulic operation.

  • ANSI approved dock side toe guard protection.
  • Protect employees from the dangers of a moving dock.
  • Highly visible yellow toe guards mounted on the side of the dock prevents dock attendant from getting feet caught between the dock during operation.
  • Provides visual warning of moving dock leveler.
  • Covers the full operating range above the cross traffic position with it’s unique telescopic design.
  • Can be installed or retrofitted on any pit installed dock leveler.

Kit includes two-piece (per side) of 12 gauge double slotted and pivoted steel panels painted safety yellow c/w mounting hardware.

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