Conversion Kit for Mechanical Dock Leveler

Cable Hold Down

Universal mechanical hold down conversion kit, for virtually all pit style dock levelers. Utilizes a proven friction hold down system that reduces cross-traffic bounce and provides instant hold at any point within the dock leveler working range.

  • Easy to install into most mechanical dock levelers including high capacity models.
  • Secures dock leveler firmly in position.
  • Air-ride trailer compatible design.
  • Maintenance requirements and total lifetime operating costs are lower – no lubrication required.
  • Improves safety by eliminating dock leveler “pop-ups”.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.


  • Part No. – 788-037-2
  • To suit 6′ and 8′ long dock levelers.
  • Capacity range up to 50,000 lb.
  • Shipping weight – 75 lb.

Disc Brake Hold Down

Hold Down ConversionConvert your existing problematic mechanical hold-down dock leveler, trouble-free disc brake hold-down assembly. Eliminate problems associated with traditional rigid style ratchet hold-downs and the wear and tear issues that are created by air-ride trailer suspension movement.

  • The hold-down system is air-ride trailer compatible.
  • Maintains constant lip contact to truck/ trailer bed.
  • One directional gear equals less wear on pawls provides greater longevity as only one side of the pawls are subjected to the teeth of the gear.
  • Located underside of the deck, fully protected from the debris one.
  • Easy access for visual inspection.
  • Proven automotive disc brake technology; calipers will automatically release pressure on the hold-down to compensate for trailer movement without causing damage to the system.
  • Lifting strap is rated at 6,500lb.
  • Increased load contact surface, creates even wear on the brake pads and greater holding capabilities.
  • Ergonomic soft-pull chain activation requiring only 3lbs of force to release the deck.
    Smooth and quiet operation.


  • Part No. -22-001298.
  • Can be retrofitted on 6″ and 8″ long models up to 35,000lb.
  • Includes complete parts assemblies / hardware and instruction manual.
  • One year factory parts warranty.
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