Garaga G-2020, G-2023 and G-2323 Commercial Doors

Perfect for maximum impact resistance

Our Garaga G-2023 and G-2020 commercial garage doors offer all you need in your work environment. The hot-galvanized steel doors have a 20/23 gauge for the G-2023 and 20/20-gauge hot-galvanized steel door for the G-2020. These doors are 1 3/4 in. (44.5 mm) insulated doors with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam ensuring a high thermal-resistance rating of R-16 (RSI 2.8). Model G-2323 has a 23/23 gauge on both sides of the door.

  • Smooth finish steel
  • Thickness: 1 ¾”
  • Color: Tex White
  • Polyurethane sandwich door
  • R‑16 insulation
  • Models: 2 Grooves and 4 Grooves


Features and benefits

A) High-pressure injected polyurethane

  • Stronger and more energy-efficient insulation
  • Solidly bonded to the steel sheets providing a section that is resistant to flexion.

B) Smooth steel finish

  • 23-gauge or 20-gauge steel, provides a bending resistance 15% greater than 26-gauge steel, for better resistance to impact and vandalism.
  • Highly corrosion-resistant with galvanized steel having a minimum of G60 zinc coating (180 g/m2).

C) InterlokTM triple-contact joints

  • Sections are strengthened by 2 steel walls joined together with mechanical interlocking joints which are more solid than just two bonded walls.
  • Their Mechanical thermal breaks which are more efficient compared to thermal breaks made with glue.
  • Triple-contact joints provide 2 times more weathertightness than those of the competition. Garaga Lab - Tested Logo

D) Metal reinforcement plates

  • Provide stronger fastening for hinges and struts. These 14-gauge plates are 2 times thicker than 20-gauge plates used by other manufacturers.

E) Wood end blocks

  • Provide a thermal break that is more effective than steel end caps which form a thermal bridge. Garaga Lab - Tested Logo
  • Structural elements of the sections, the kiln-dried pine wood end blocks are installed at the outer ends of the section. They are stronger than insulation covered with a steel cap.

F) Lag screw system

  • Provides much better fastening of the end hinges. The lag screws engage 8 threads into the wood, compared to a self-tapping screw going through a steel end cap engaging only about 2 or 3 threads.

Panel construction

1) Steel walls

  • G60 hot-dipped galvanized steel with five coats of protective finish.

    G-2020: 20-gauge exterior and interior steel skins

    G-2023: 20-gauge exterior and 23-gauge interior steel skins

    G-2323: 23-gauge exterior and interior steel skins

  • Baked-on polyester paint. Can be repainted.
  • Smooth finish on both sides of the door.
  • Same quality of corrosion-resistant steel for interior and exterior faces.

2) 1 ¾” (44.5 mm) insulated door with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam ensuring a high thermal-resistance rating of R‑16 (RSI 2.8 or k= 0.357 W/m2K) and the solidity of a composite material.

3) InterLokTM joints between each section:

  • Mechanical joints ensure stronger sections with walls of each panel mechanically interlocked (not only bonded by the polyurethane).
  • Mechanical thermal break avoids heat transfer between the interior and exterior walls of each section.
  • Triple-contact joint prevents air infiltration.

4) U-shaped tubular bottom weatherstripping made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) ensures the weathertightness of the threshold. Remains flexible and watertight during cold weather, to -62°F (-52°C).

5) Wood end blocks made of kiln-dried pine (grade 4). With our lag screw system, ensure better fastening of the end hinges. They also provide a thermal break which prevents thermal bridging.

6) 14-gauge steel reinforcement plates placed inside the door for solidly attaching hinges and struts.

Door weight:

G-2020: 3.35 lb/ft2 (16.3 kg/m2)

G-2023: 3.15 lb/ft2 (15.4 kg/m2)

G-2323: 2.85 lb/ft2 (13.9 kg/m2)

Models and sizes


2 Grooves layout         4 Grooves layout
2 Grooves                                                            4 Grooves

SIZES (G-2020, G-2023 and G-2323)

Width – In 1″ (25 mm) increments : From 5′ to 24’2″ (1.5 m to 7.4 m)

Height – In 3″ (76 mm) increments : From 6′ to 24′ (1.8 m to 7.3 m)

  • 10 years against any perforation of steel due to rust
  • 10 years on the wood and blocks against cracking and rot
  • 10 years against delamination of the steel skin from the polyurethane foam
  • 1 year on other door components
  • 10 years against seal defects on Standard windows

The accuracy of color on the website may vary depending on your screen settings. To see the true color, please contact your local Garaga dealer for a sample.



G-5000 Standard windows

Available for doors: G-2020, G-2023, G-2323

Sizes: 21″ x 13″ (533 mm x 330 mm)


  • Thermopane windows: Clear, Satin, Wired, Tempered, Laminated or Tinted
  • Single glass (3 mm): Clear, Satin, Tempered or Tinted
  • Polycarbonate (3 mm): Single or Thermal (Sealed): Clear or Tinted

Frame color: White


G-5000 Oval windows

Available for door: G-2020, G-2023, G-2323

Sizes: 26″ x 13″ (660 mm x 330 mm)


  • Polycarbonate only

Frame color: Black


G-4400 Sections (Full Vision)

Available for door: G-2020, G-2023, G-2323

All info about this product: See the G-4400 section


  • Single pane: Clear, Satin, Tempered, Laminated or Tinted
  • Sealed windows: Clear, Satin, Wired, Glue Chip, Low‑e, Tempered, Laminated or Tinted
  • Fluted polycarbonate: Clear or Bronze
  • Single polycarbonate : Clear or Tinted
  • Sealed polycarbonate (thermal): Clear

Frame colors: White, Black and Anodized



  • 2” (50 mm), 13-gauge or 14-gauge
  • 3” (76 mm), 12-gauge


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