Dynaco M2 All Weather high speed door

The Dynaco M2 ALL WEATHER Door is designed for exterior environments exposed to high winds and other weather extremes.


blanc 9010

bleu 5002

gris 7035

jaune 1003

noir 9005

orange 2004

rouge 3000

vert 6005


Standard Dimensions

18′ W x 18′ H

Opening Speed

96 in/s

Closing Speed

48 in/s

Operating Type

Gear driven, push-pull movement

Side Guide

Made of structural channels of 3 1/8″ x 1 5/8″ x 1/8″ in galvanized steel.

Inner Side Guide

Polyethylene (PE-UHMW 1000); outer section 7/8” x 1 9/16”, on springs. Galvanized side covers included.


In steel, diameter 4″ x 0.078″, shafts in steel.

Door Curtain

Reinforced PVC (27 oz/sq.yd). Available in different colors and provided with side sealing zippers; soft bottom edge design.


Without brake, with 4 poles, controlled by a variable speed drive. Power: 1 HP for a door surface up to 18 sq.yds; 2 HP (larger surface). Protection degree NEMA 4.



Size 50 for a motor of 1 HP and gear reduction ratio 1/7; size 63 for 2 HP.


An infrared photocell installed inside the side guide and detecting the presence of a pedestrian or a vehicle. Upon activation, it opens the door immediately and keeps it open as long as the presence is detected. Height of the photocell: 12” from the floor. (Optional: up to maximum 24” from the floor).
A bottom edge detector opens the door when it hits an obstacle during the closing cycle. This detector is positioned at the bottom part of the curtain.

Power Supply

Standard: single phase 208-230 VAC, three phase 208-230 VAC, three phase 460 VAC. Optional: three phase 575 VAC.
Frequency: 50-60 Hz. Circuit breakers to be provided by the customer: 10 A for a motor of 1 HP and 16 A for 2 HP.

Space Requirements

All indicated dimensions are net: the additional space necessary for mounting and maintenance has to be taken into account. Reduced dimensions upon request.

Other Details
  • For exterior openings with high winds or harsh environments
  • Withstands extreme pressure differentials
  • High wind resistance
  • Maximum standard dimensions up to 39′ x 18′
  • Operating speed from 48″ to 96″/second
  • Gear driven, push pull operation
  • Curtain made of reinforced PVC vinyl
  • Infrared photocell in side guides
  • Soft bottom edge
  • Pneumatic bottom edge detector
  • Up to 110 MPH, depending on door size
  • Exterior Openings
  • Openings Exposed to High Winds and Harsh Environments
  • Areas with Extreme Pressure Differentials
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