U-Series Vertical Storing dock leveler

30,000 to 45,000 lb (13,636 to 20,455 kg) Rated Capacity

Your first choice when quoting LEED certified projects. The U-Series vertical storing dock leveler is the perfect loading dock solution for facilities and applications that require strict climate control or high cleanliness levels. It improves internal temperature control, reduces the risk of door damage, and minimizes debris entry. Trailers typically back into the specially designed loading dock bay and before the doors are opened allowing for contamination, a complete seal is formed between trailer and inside the facility.

Studies on application:  Companies actually lose one ton of refrigerate air per dock door per year, on average, when they use pit levelers instead of vertical dock levelers. The concept of ‘drive–thru’ applications where the added efficiency, and virtually no loss of refrigeration is appealing.  The trailer backs directly to the loading dock and the trailer doors are opened into the building rather than the traditional opening of the doors prior to fully backing into the position.

The U-Series vertical storing dock leveler is controlled by the adequate Control Panel, with an interior and exterior LED lights communication system available as an option. Operating range is up to 12” (305mm ) above and 6” (305mm) below dock level. The unit comes complete with a 1HP, Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV) power pack system.


Vertical Storing Leveler Highlights

  • Deck will flex up to 4” (101mm) when under load
  • Constant pressure style down button ensures controlled lowering during operation
  • 1 HP motor and equipped with overload protection
  • One-piece Hinge pin
  • Minimum of 6 U-beam channel deck supports
  • 3″ high run off guards
  • Hydraulic system
  • Double-acting lip cylinder
  • Hydraulic velocity at hose of cylinder to prevent platform free-fall in the event of hose rupture
  • Hydraulic fall safe

Operator controls

  • Touch Control Panel
  • NEMA4X, CSA/UL Approved
  • Easy downward activation, “operator controls descent”
  • Independent lip control
  • Maintain “up” pressure to store leveler prior to truck departure


Safety Features

  • A hydraulic velocity fuse limits the loaded ramp’s free fall to within 3” (76mm)
  • A home proximity sensor detects when the dock is in the parked position
  • Stationary side tapered toe guards have high visibility OSHA safety striping
  • A maintenance strut supports the deck for safe under-deck maintenance and inspection
  • A range proximity sensor allows the deck movements to match those of the trailer bed, eliminating hazards caused by mismatched deck and trailer bed levels
  • 18” (457mm) and 20” (508mm) lips
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable oil
  • Hot dipped galvanizing (deck and rear frame)
  • Stainless steel lip and rear hinge pins
  • Three wheel forklift center deck support
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